SL7™ – DG/Mixing™ Combo Range


SL7™ Innovations have designed, developed and now offers to market a relocatable 240/240/240 FFR ‘all in one package’ DG Vault and WorkRoom™ for customers who need a Type D rated DG Store and a Type 3 approved mixing chamber or workroom.

Like all SL7™ products our DG/Mixing™ Combo Range are portable and designed as a compact package offering a combination of the best features and benefits of both our SL7 Vault and SL7 WorkRoom ranges whilst maintaining the highest FRR regulatory ratings available.

As with all of the SL7 product range, the SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo design has maintained the full portability of the overall unit. Listed here are a few of the benefits of our SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo  product range;

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – meet the zero separation and regulatory requirements for a WorkSafe (NZ) ‘Type D’ hazardous substance storage vault as well as a WorkSafe (NZ)
‘Type 3’ Workroom.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – come standard with integral secondary containment in both the DG Vault area and the DG WorkRoom™.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – exceed the requirements of UL1709 including the requisite 4 hours jet pool fire test. Concrete is not UL rated and therefore raises valid questions around insurance credibility post-accident or event.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – can be supplied ‘customer optioned’ with AS1482 compliant extraction and/or ventilation systems extracting down to Non-Hazardous (NH) ie, NH by
ventilation and purge cycles or EXV.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – come with a self-closing door on the mixing room rated at -/240/60 FRR

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – meet AS/NZS 4114 as a paint mixing facility.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – can be supplied ‘customer optioned’ to AS/NZS 2381 if electrical lighting, points and explosive atmosphere requirements need to be met.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – are 100% portable and can be transported by conventional transport eg, truck swing lift as they meet the required ISO standards for lifting and relocation.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – can be adapted to dispense hazardous substance fluids direct to equipment via approved feed lines with the addition of a fire collar ie, fibre glassing resin distribution to chopper guns.