SL7™ – DG/Mixing™ Combo Range


SL7™ Innovations have designed, developed and now offers to market a relocatable 240/240/240 FFR combination WorkSafe (NZ) ‘type D’ DG Vault and ‘type 3’ WorkRoom™.

Like all SL7™ products our SL7 DG/Mixing™ Combo range is portable and designed as a compact package offering a combination of the best features and benefits of both our SL7 – DG Vault and SL7 WorkRooms.

As with all of the SL7 product range, the SL7 – DG/Mixing Combo design has maintained the full portability of the overall unit. Listed here are a few of the benefits of our SL7 – DG/Mixing Combo  product range;

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – meet the zero separation and regulatory requirements for a WorkSafe (NZ) ‘Type D’ hazardous substance storage vault as well as a WorkSafe (NZ) ‘Type 3’ Workroom.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’scome standard with integral secondary containment in both the DG Vault area and the DG WorkRoom™.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s exceed the requirements of UL1709 including the requisite 4 hours jet pool fire test. 

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’scan be supplied ‘customer optioned’ with AS1482 compliant extraction and/or ventilation systems extracting down to Non-Hazardous (NH) ie, NH by
ventilation and purge cycles or EXV.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’scome with a self-closing door on the mixing room rated at 240/240/240 FRR

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’smeet AS/NZS 4114 as a paint mixing facility.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’sfitted with mechanical door closers.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’scan be supplied ‘customer optioned’ to AS/NZS 2381 if electrical lighting, points and explosive atmosphere requirements need to be met.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – are 100% portable and can be transported by conventional transport eg, truck swing lift as they meet the required ISO standards for lifting and relocation.

SL7 – DG/Mixing™ Combo’s – can be adapted to dispense hazardous substance fluids direct to equipment via approved feed lines with the addition of a fire collar ie, fibre glassing resin distribution to chopper guns.

DG/Mixing Combo Range

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