SL7™ – Fire Collars, Ventilation & MCT’s

SL7™ Innovations can supply and install fire collars and MCT ducts to suit any customer requirements to facilitate power, lighting and bulk feedlines to production. Where it is feasible SL7 will engineer the penetrations into the vaults at manufacture. Alternatively our team will do them onsite and work in with the customers installers where applicable. All SL7 fire collars and MCT’s are DMV approved so meet the highest standards.

SL7 – HVAC/Ventilation

For the customers wanting or requiring intrinsically safe HVAC and ventilation systems we work with a very reputable company with a solid grounding in this area that only deals in the design and sales of intrinsically safe systems.

When an SL7 customer has a requirement to install HVAC or ventilation to an SL7 product, we will align them directly with our supplier to work through their requirements directly. The result is a seamless product match that is fit for purpose .

Fire Collar 1
Fire Collar 2.137

SL7™ Product Showcase

“Relocatable, Zero Separation & 4hr Fire Protection”