SL7™ – Fire Collars, Ventilation & MCT’s

SL7 – Fire Collars & MCT Ducts:

We manufacture our own range of SL7240 rated fire collars & MCT ducts to suit any customer requirements to facilitate power, lighting and bulk feed lines. All SL7fire collars & MCT duct’s are certified as DNV/BV approved and where feasible, SL7will engineer the penetrations into the vaults at manufacture. 

SL7 – HVAC/Ventilation:

For the customers wanting or requiring intrinsically safe HVAC and ventilation systems we work with a very reputable company with a solid grounding in this area that only deals in the design and sales of intrinsically safe systems.

When an SL7 customer has a requirement to install HVAC or ventilation to an SL7 product, we will align them directly with our supplier to work through the requirements directly. The result is a seamless product match that is fit for purpose .

Fire Collar 1
Fire Collar 2.137

SL7™ Product Showcase

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  • SL7_safe_gas_canister_storage_christchurch_1
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  • SL7_safe_gas_canister_storage_christchurch_3
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“240/240/240 FRR, Relocatable & Zero Separation Solutions”