SL7™ Frequently Asked Question’s

  • Are all your SL7 DG Vaults and SL7 DG WorkRooms 240/240/240 FRR rated?

Yes they are all 240/240/240 FRR including the smaller DG Mini Vaults

  • Do all of your SL7 DG Vaults meet the regulatory requirements of a WorkSafe (NZ) Type D storage facility?

Yes they do. They will also be acceptable as a Type C storage facility as well.

  • Do all of your SL7 DG WorkRooms meet the regulatory requirements of a WorkSafe (NZ) Type 3 workroom?

Yes they do. They will also be acceptable as a Type 2 workroom as well.

  • Does this mean that SL7 DG Vaults and DG WorkRooms can be located against buildings and boundaries with zero separation?

Yes, but only where the hazardous substance regulations make allowance for zero separation ie, Class 3’s but not Class 4’s. The SL7 DG Vaults and DG WorkRooms are ideal for companies who have small building to boundary footprints.

  • How much volume can we carry in an SL7 DG Vault?

This varies dependent on the SL7 DG Vault you are enquiring about and product classification to be stored, but let’s say it is an SL7 DG6MHC Vault with a bund capacity of 5,000 litres storing Class 3’s. Storing package sizes over 60 litres in size requires 50% of bunding which means you can store 10,000 litres. If the package sizes are less than 60 litres in size then it requires 25% so you can store up to 20,000 litres.

  • Can an SL7 DG Vault go inside a building?

Yes it can but once again certain conditions apply. For example the maximum volume you can hold drops to xxxxxx and the door must be self-closing. SL7 also has an alternative option for internal use.

  • Do you have other ways to keep the outside volume capacities but have the storage set up in a way that it can still be used and operated from inside the building?

Yes it can be done very simply with most buildings but it does require a visit to location from SL7 to view proposed siting etc.

  • Can I sell the SL7 DG Vault if I no longer have a use for it?

Yes you can and it’s as easy as finding a buyer which would not be hard as the SL7 Vaults are in demand. The reality is that they may depreciate on the books, but the Vaults are still an asset that maintains a great sale price. Unlike permanent DG bunkers SL7’s are relocatable so are not considered wasted capital.

  • What is the best way to relocate or transport an SL7 DG Vault or DG WorkRoom?

Any transport company involved in container movement with swinglifts would be ideal for moving SL7 DG Vaults and DG WorkRooms. The DG Mini Vaults are easily relocated or transported by conventional transportation.

  • Can we take power, plumbing or production based feedlines into SL7 DG Vaults or SL7 WorkRooms?

Yes all of these options can be accommodated very easily. Dependent on a customers requirements we can install fire collars and penetrations into the vaults that will facilitate almost anything requested.

  • Got a question not covered in this FAQ section?

Give us a call on 0274609254 or email us on and we will be pleased to discuss it.

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