SL7™ Integrated Building Solutions

At SL7™ Innovations we are becoming acutely aware of the disjoint between commercial building design and how the hazardous substance regulatory requirements mesh with the desired building owners required use.

The scenario appears to be that a customer commissions an engineer/building company to draw everything up and include all the main detail like fire prevention/passive fire to structural etc. There does not however, appear to be a lot of detailed consultation around what the customers intended use is going to be, related to how and where hazardous substances are a contributing factor. The result of this is SL7™ is seeing new buildings completed and non-compliant for intended use.

As the regulations are becoming better enforced, existing buildings are also becoming a major issue for owners and tenants alike. Until SL7™ came along with our integrated solutions, some companies have been frustratingly unable to meet the regulatory requirements. Some companies at the extreme end of the scale are facing either business closure or lengthy and extremely expensive relocation/rebuilds that potentially, leave them in a similar space as before they committed to the process.

SL7™ Innovations is very fortunate to be in a position to change this potential outcome with our integrated solutions approach on a case by case basis. If a building isn’t compliant then there is normally a viable solution, made up of a combination of 240/240/240 FRR storage, fire engineering, passive fire and housekeeping. At SL7™ we bring these facets together and in most cases can achieve a positive result to the owner/tenant with full compliance and a building fit for purpose.

If you or your company is facing some of these challenges then give us a call and we can very quickly assess whether or not we can help, or at the very least point you in the right direction.

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“Relocatable, Zero Separation & 4hr Fire Protection”