SL7 DG Panel™ Range

The SL7 DG Panels™ have been developed to satisfy a requirement for a fire rated panel that can be used for functions like LPG bottle bank facilities, separation walls between transformers, and many other uses, where a fire rated panel is needed to protect and reduce separation distances. These panels are proving to be extremely popular in Australia due to their 4hr fire rating regulations.

Another area the SL7 DG Panels™ are fitting comfortably, separately to hazardous substances, is the insurance industry around customer building protection.

The SL7 DG Panels™ are designed to be either freestanding mounted into a concrete slab, affixed to a wall, or constructed into new slab construction. The DG panels™ are a very versatile product that can be utilised in a multitude of different applications and environments.

Here are some of the benefits you get with these panels;

SL7 DG Panels™– can be used as bunding around petrol/diesel tanks where fire resistant secondary containment is mandatory.

SL7 DG Panels™ – can be used as bunding walls around bulk LPG tanks to reduce the separation distances to boundaries and buildings.

SL7 DG Panels™ – can be used as LPG bottle bank shields against commercial buildings

SL7 DG Panels™ – can be used as LPG storage shields in schools

SL7 DG Panels™ – can be used between electricity transformers where a fire resistant blast shield is required to maintain separation.

SL7 DG Panels™ – are rated to 240/240/240 FRR.

SL7 DG Panels™  – are impact protected to reduce integral damage from moving vehicles in close proximity.

SL7 DG Panels™ – exceed the requirements of UL1709 including the requisite 4 hours jet pool fire test.

SL7 DG Panels™ comes with a certification plate attached detailing all relevant information.

240 Wall and Transformers.147
3 Wall Sheilds.167

SL7 DG Panel™ Product

DG STD Panel™:

The DG STD Panel features all of the benefits of our SL7 DG Panel™ and comes standard with the following specifications;

SL7™ External dimensions 2400mmL x 1800mmW x 60mmD.
SL7™ Complete Panel is 240/240/240 FRR rated.
SL7™ Comes standard with integral ‘rebar’ mounting kit.
SL7™ Comes with integral barrier protection.

DG ProFit Panel™:

The DG ProFit Panel™ is a panel that we manufacture specifically to meet clients requirements and is not an ‘off the shelf’ product. These panels can therefore be any size or shape the client requires and feature all of the benefits of our SL7 DG Panels™.

SL7™ Product Showcase

“Relocatable, Zero Separation & 4hr Fire Protection”