SL7 DG Panel™ Range

The SL7 DG Panels™ have been developed, tested and approved to satisfy a requirement for a 240/240/240 FRR/L panel that can be used for uprating building walls, LPG storage facilities, electrical transformers, freestanding perimeter barriers and many other uses, where a panel rated up to 240/240/240 FRR/L is needed to protect and reduce separation distances. 

Another area the SL7 DG Panels™ are being utilised is the insurance industry for various infrastructure and building protection.

The SL7 DG Panels™ are designed to be either freestanding, affixed to an existing wall, or constructed into new slab construction. The DG panels™ are a very versatile product that can be used in a multitude of different applications and environments.

The SL7 DG Panels™ unlike concrete can also be tailor made to a customer engineered concept to architecturally and aesthetically enhance something that would otherwise be a detraction from a structure or building whilst maintaining FRR/L ratings.

Here are some of the benefits you get with these panels;

SL7 DG Panels™ can be used to uprate walls in buildings to 240/240/240 FRR/L.

SL7 DG Panels™ by gross mass are 237% lighter than an equivalent 190mm thick concrete structure. Concrete alternatives generally require extensive foundation engineering, construction expense, consenting expense and any associated structural engineering fees.

SL7 DG Panels™ can be used as bunding around petrol/diesel tanks where fire resistant secondary containment is mandatory.

SL7 DG Panels™ can be used as LPG storage walls/barriers to reduce separation to buildings and boundaries.

SL7 DG Panels™ meets AS2067:2016 for electricity transformers and substations.

SL7 DG Panels™ are tested and approved to 240/240/240 FRR/L.

SL7 DG Panels™  are tested and approved to AS1530.4.

SL7 DG Panels™ come with fire test certificate, PS1, PS4 (if requested) and a certification plate attached detailing all relevant information.

240 Wall and Transformers.147
3 Wall Sheilds.167

SL7 DG Panel™ Product

DG STD Panel™:

The DG STD Panel features all of the benefits of our SL7 DG Panel™ and comes standard with the following specifications;

SL7™ External dimensions 2200mmL x 1100mmW x 68mmD.
SL7™ Complete Panel is 240/240/240 FRR rated.
SL7™ Blast protection rating coming soon.
SL7™ – 

DG ProFit Panel™:

The DG ProFit Panel™ is a panel that we manufacture specifically to meet clients requirements and is not an ‘off the shelf’ product. These panels can therefore be any size or shape the client requires and feature all of the benefits of our SL7 DG Panels™.

SL7™ Product Showcase

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“240/240/240 FRR, Relocatable & Zero Separation Solutions”