SL7™ Product Benefits

At SL7™ Innovations we are into products that provide solutions around zero separation, relocatability and 4 hour fire protection. Our products mainly focus on 240/240/240 FRR hazardous substance storage, mixing/tinting rooms, panels for LPG, electrical transformers and firewall protection.

Our products are specifically designed to assist our clients to meet their regulatory requirements towards gaining compliance. All SL7™ products are rated and approved by design certificate and registered fire engineering standards. This is our guarantee to our clients, that when they purchase one of our products, it will meet their Compliance Certifiers requirements, both for hazardous substance compliance and/or BWOF Building Act compliance.

Listed here are a few of the benefits of our SL7™ Product Range;

SL7™ – products meet compliance for a WorkSafe (NZ) ‘type D’ storage solution.

SL7™ – products meet the zero separation requirements as specified for WorkSafe (NZ) type ‘D’ storage units, both inside and outside a building.

SL7™ – products are ideal where ground space footprint is at a premium.

SL7™ – products are certified compliant to 240/240/240 FRR (Fire Resistance Rating) inside and outside a building. 

SL7™ – products are compliant to be used as WorkSafe (NZ) ‘Types 2 & 3’ workrooms.

SL7™ – products can be adapted to dispense hazardous substance fluids direct to equipment via approved feedlines with the addition of a fire collar ie, fibre glassing resin distribution to chopper guns.

SL7™ – products are designed to maintain an internal temperature of 55 deg C for a minimum of 4 hours.

SL7™ – products exceed the requirements of UL1709 including the requisite 4 hours jet pool fire test. (Concrete is not UL rated and therefore raises valid questions around insurance credibility post-accident or event).

SL7™ – products are portable and delivered to site ‘business ready’ by conventional transportation eg, swing lift/scully, as they meet the required ISO standards for lifting/relocation.

SL7™ – products are deemed relocatable by most councils and therefore do not require a Resource Consent or Building Consent which can save considerable time and expense.

SL7™ – products meet AS 1530.4 under the building code and AS 1940 as specified.

SL7™ – products by gross mass are on average 40% lighter than an equivalent concrete structure and come complete ready to use. A concrete alternative requires foundation engineering, construction expense, consenting expense and any associated structural engineering fees.

SL7™ – products portability eliminates the concrete vault ‘sunk cost’ aspects and instead provides you with an equitable company asset that can be used elsewhere or sold.

SL7™ Product Showcase

“Relocatable, Zero Separation & 4hr Fire Protection”