SL7™ – Testing & Approvals

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SL7 has undertaken extensive independent testing of it’s products for fire ratings and for blast approvals. Because SL7’s products are considered ‘new to market’ we were continually being assessed against concrete as the only traditional alternative for 240/240/240 FRR. We therefore started looking more closely at concrete to compare our products and were surprised that we could not find any formal testing that showed concrete has been tested for an FRR approval. What we have come to realise is concrete seems to have gained a ‘generally accepted tag of approval over time.

At SL7 we made the decision to take our technology and have it rigorously tested  to prove that SL7 products met all of the required approval standards. and set ourselves apart from concrete.

To do this SL7 contracted an internationally accredited testing authority to run our technology through their facility so we could confidently certify that all of the products we market meet any standards requiring 240/240/240 FRR. The testing passed easily and exceeded expectation.

Following the fire testing approvals we wanted to also see how our SL7 technology fared when exposed to high blast pressures. We engaged our testing approval authority to blast test our products under controlled conditions and we were blown away with the results. 

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