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Whether it be for hazardous substance vaults, workrooms, uprating buildings or blast shielding transformers and LPG bottle facilities, as long as the customers core elements for a solution are 240/240/240 FRR, zero or reduced separation distances, relocatability and/or portability then we can assist.

The SL7™ business began very simply as a distributor of specialist paints. When we were notified by our Hazardous Substance Certifier that it was illegal to store the volumes we were holding inside a building and that to achieve compliance we needed a 240/240/240 FRR (4 hour) fire rated storage unit so we thought – “no problem”.

We soon discovered that there was a problem and short of building a specialised structure with the myriad of issues around consultants, resource consents, building consents, development contributions and notwithstanding the time and cost involved, there was no simple solution. Additionally our premises were leased so we were looking to invest a lot of money and time to benefit our landlord.

Being resourceful kiwis we started by looking around New Zealand and then the world for a portable and relocatable solution to our zero separation, 4 hour fire rated dilemma and came to the conclusion that, globally there was no solution. With our background in extreme temperature products we developed our own proprietary product and a solution that not only meets, but exceeds the requirements for New Zealand and overseas.

After extensive independent testing to gain the required approvals we then set out to develop our 240/240/240 FRR, relocatable, zero separation storage units. One thing led to another and we started getting registrations of interest from a number of areas, which surprised us, so we decided to start a business which we have called SL7™ Innovations. From the initial hazardous substance vault we designed for ourselves and subsequently in conjunction with our clients, we now offer a broad range of products and services. These include products like DG Mini Vaults for reduced separation of multiple conflicting hazardous substance classes, workrooms for painting and resin companies, panels for uprating buildings, LPG facilities and electrical transformers. Our SL7™ products arrive to client site fully compliant, ready for use.

SL7™ products are specified to a purchasing customer in consultation with their qualified, hazardous substances approved consultant. Alternatively if the customer does not have a consultant available, we will assist with referrals to companies we have worked with independent of SL7™ Innovations.

Since introducing our products to the market, we have been approached by other frustrated companies, unable to resolve their building/manufacturing/storage compliance issues and where, in some cases, closure is potentially their only option. To meet this client demand for solutions we have established an integrated consultancy that combines the various elements of fire, hazsub and with our SL7™ proprietory range of products included, deliver a compliance solution for their business.

It would be fair to say that we are meeting a lot of nice, new people these days and we are really enjoying the challenge of fixing their frustration – that used to be ours!

From the team at SL7™ Innovations we welcome you to our site, our products and our solutions and we hope that we are able to assist you and your business.

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