SL7™Improvement Notices – Buildings & Storage

Did you think you were operating your company responsibly within the regulatory framework to have either your Hazardous Substances Officer, or a WorkSafe Enforcement Officer tell you that your hazardous substance operation and storage does not comply?

If the answer is yes then you or your company is probably now under an improvement notice and you are struggling to find a solution, then we may be able to assist with a solution.

SL7™ Innovations is assisting a number of companies that until now have been frustrated in their inability to gain compliance for their businesses. With our combination of unique 4 hour fire rated, relocatable, zero separation storage vault solutions combined with our passive fire division for the clients buildings we have been able to provide workable solutions that have assisted in gaining compliance for the client.

The process is not onerous and quite often the solution is very straightforward once we understand the issues and it can be as simple as providing an internal or external storage solution.

If your company is working in consultation with a hazardous substances consultant or a WorkSafe representative then we are very comfortable engaging with them alongside you to see if a positive direction can be achieved towards compliance.

If you or your company is facing challenges similar to above then give us a call and we can very quickly assess whether or not we can help or at the very least point you in the right direction.

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“Relocatable, Zero Separation & 4hr Fire Protection”