SL7™ Tailored Solutions

At SL7™ Innovations we can adapt pretty much any of our products to a client specified ‘tailored solution’ as long as it fits with our SL7™ core principles around reducing separation, relocatability and 240/240/240 FRR/L.

Our clients come to SL7™ because they need a 240/240/240 FRR/L solution but sometimes our standard products don’t quite satisfy what they are looking for so we design and manufacture a tailored solution specifically for them.

A good example of this is the client that came to us with a specific need for a hazardous substance approved mixing room but our standard products didn’t strictly meet their criteria. What we ended up supplying was a single level 3 x 12 metre modular unit with no internal walls, engineer designed to make a single joined unit, whilst retaining the integral 240/240/240 FRR/L. Finished it was still a relocatable, modular unit that can be moved or shipped anywhere in the world. 

SL7™ products fit very comfortably into the following markets – either with standard SL7™ products or tailored solutions;

SL7™  Hazardous substance storage
SL7™  Packaging,
SL7™  Manufacturing,
SL7™  Aviation,
SL7™  Transit storage,
SL7™  Defence forces,
SL7™  Transport & freight forwarding,
SL7™  Computers & server systems,
SL7™  Industrial switchboards & sensitive instrumentation,
SL7™  Explosives and ammunitions,
SL7™  Paper files & archival storage,
SL7™  Emergency fire rescue centres eg, Bush fires,
SL7™  Offshore drilling platforms

SL7™ Product Showcase

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“240/240/240 FRR, Relocatable & Zero Separation Solutions”